Tianrui Yu (2018)


Whimsical, adventurous, curious, and always passionate.

Hi! This is Tianrui!

Originally I am from Beijing, China. I obtained my B.A. from Johns Hopkins University in International Studies and Sociology in Spring 2016. Then during my gap year, I shadowed two theater productions in Beijing, obtained the Certification of Professional Makeup in NYC, and the Diploma in International Etiquette and Protocol at Institut Villa Pierrefeu, Switzerland. In Fall 2017, I began my M.A. studying International Relations and International Development at the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) of Johns Hopkins.

Finally, now, after all the above, I am here for OHMA!

My interests in stories originated from my childhood bed-time stories: such as folklores from the late Qing Dynasty and my grandparents’ experience during the Cultural Revolution and the Great Famine. As I grew up, the more I travel, the more people I meet, the more I can appreciate their narratives. The laugh, the tears, the unrevealed truth—stories have the power to BOND people through allowing an outsider to immerse in the experience of others and enhancing his/her understanding of the complexity of the world.

Academically, my training in both quantitative and qualitative social science research methods allows me to become aware of the fact that only using quantitative data can never complete the whole picture. Artistically, I am fueled by my love for music, theater art, and creative writing. Stories are one of my sources of inspiration as they can evoke emotions, feelings, and self-reflection. I truly enjoy capturing those ephemeralities through rhythm, voice, and words.

Therefore at OHMA, I am interested in exploring social development’s influences on individuals, as well as the inter-generational gap and intra-generational gap that have occurred along with social development. I am looking forward to honing my interview skills, studying in-depth about how Oral History can promote social equality and justice and how to combine academic archives and arts to display stories in an interactive way.

Travel, record, recreate. Be kind, be bold. I am always on my way.