Anne Cardenas (2018)

Cardenas_Headshot (1).jpg

Anne Cardenas has consistently pursued opportunities to not just hear stories, but to truly listen and use them to enable deeper human connections. From her earliest years growing up on military bases around the world, to walking the halls of the White House where she served as a political appointee, Anne has been fascinated with diverse human connections and documenting stories. During a trip to a refugee camp in Southern Turkey at the height of the Syrian crisis, she found her own voice in the process. Anne joins the OHMA 2019 Cohort hoping to combine her passion for human and refugee rights with the power of oral history and storytelling.

Currently, Anne works as an Events Consultant at the United Nations Development Programme and prior to this, she worked in the Office of the CEO at VICE Media. Anne served in the Obama Administration from 2012 to 2016, working at the White House in the Office of Presidential Correspondence, as part of the team that processed presidential gifts and selected ten letters for President Obama to read each night of his presidency. She then served as Deputy Director of Travel Operations and Advance for the Office of the Secretary at the Department of Homeland Security.

Anne has roots in Tampa, Florida but has called many places home, including South Korea, Thailand, and the United Kingdom. She received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Public Relations and History from Florida State University in 2011. In her free time, Anne enjoys running, international travel, political history, and searching for the best hot dogs in New York City. She is excited to join the OHMA 2019 Cohort to sharpen her storytelling skills and looks forward to learning from the OHMA faculty and her new classmates.