Darold Cuba (2018)

Piloting the Oral History project at the Wikimedia Foundation with the AfroCROWD initiative, Darold is a recovering interactive journalist/producer who’s latest story has grown so big its splintered into three, and landed him at the doorstep of OHMA.  

He’s #MappingFreedom -creating a digital database and interactive GIS & Wiki-enabled map of all of the #FreedomColonies on the planet. With the International Association of Freedom Colonies (iAFC), he’s identifying all of the communities that resisted Western Colonialism’s systemic and institutional white supremacy race/ism (genocide, racialized enslavement) along the colonial pathways, from the Americas, to Africa, to Asia and Australia, to create their own “colonies of freedom,” and engaging in efforts to restore and preserve these historic communties. (Learn more at iMappingFreedom.tumblr.com).

Because the majority of these communities exist mostly in the oral knowledge that has been passed down for generations and hundreds of years, he’s excited to join the 11th cohort at the oldest institution for such study. A theatre major (with a minor in PPE), and a founder of #HackingRacism (an initiative to help people dismantle systemic, institutional and structural racism in their everyday environments), Darold’s fascination with the narrative spans platforms and disciplines. He looks forward to learning from and with everyone: feel free to connect through email (Darold.cuba@Columbia.edu), social media (@DaroldCuba, about.me/daroldcuba, LinkedIn), etc.