Darold Cuba (2018)

Darold is the Ivy League's first Wikipedia Fellow and Visiting Scholar (with dual appointments at the Libraries & the CGUI Lab at SEAS), and Columbia's first Wikimedians-In-Residence. In addition to developing exciting Wiki initiatives to aid in oral history development, as well as to counter the systemic and institutional harm to marginalized communities endemic to the platform (which he wrote about for OHMA here and here respectively), he's using wiki-tools to develop his thesis #MappingFreedom - documenting the communities that resisted Western colonialism to create their own "safe spaces,” read more at: http://oralhistory.columbia.edu/freedomcolonies-the-initial-resistance-the-original-safe-spaces?rq=freedom%20colonies

He is the founder of the International Association of Freedom Colonies (iAFC) and it's Oral History Archives, he's also a finalist for the 2019 Masters Synthesis competition.

As the University Senator for the Social Sciences, he's leading the taskforce to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the university senate, which was a result of the 1968 protests. This commemoration includes the CU Senate Oral History Project, and a year long celebration of the University-wide legislature which represents faculty, students, and other constituencies, making policy on a range of issues that affect the entire University. Follow this development on social media at  #CUSenate50, where Darold can be found as @DaroldCuba.