Erica Fugger


  • Project Coordinator, INCITE & OHMA
  • Founding President, Columbia Oral History Alumni Association
  • Atlantic Philanthropies Research Fellow, Wake Up Oral History Project

Contact | (212) 854-5781


Erica Fugger is a New York-based oral historian whose focus lies in examining the personal narratives underpinning peace activism and social movements.  

Over the past five years, she has worked and studied at Columbia University, first as the Collections Manager of the Columbia Center for Oral History Archives, next as a Research Fellow directing the Wake Up Oral History Project, and currently as the Project Coordinator to the Oral History MA program.

Erica has served as the Founding President of the Columbia Oral History Alumni Association and on the organizing team for the Oral History Association Mentorship Program. In her spare time, she offers interview workshops and project consultations to groups around the globe.

This spring, Erica is excited to co-chair the Oral History & The City conference in New York and create space for shared dialogue between oral history practitioners and local communities throughout the mid-Atlantic region.

Professional Website:
LinkedIn: Erica A. Fugger
Pronunciation: Few-grrr