Under the Haze - Living with Air Pollution

Mingxuan Li

You are invited to stand in front of the "window" and listen to Ms. Liu's story - come and experience her life under the haze.


This installation is a part of INTER\VIEWS: an inter\active oral history exhibition, showcasing multimedia projects and stories recorded by the 2018-2019 cohort of Columbia University’s Oral History MA program. Register here!



In 2013, haze became the annual keyword of China for the first time. It is hard to imagine how this air pollution has changed millions of people's lives within the last six years. Here, I invite you to stand in front of the window and listen to the story of Ms. Liu, a representative of those people who are currently living under the haze. Oh, and don't forget to take a face mask before you leave. We all should know how important fresh air is. 

Mingxuan Li is an international student from China. After graduating from Xiamen University and the Chinese University of Hong Kong, she started her new adventure in oral history. With her background in Anthropology, Mingxuan Li hopes to apply what she learned from oral history to anthropological research. She worked with Queer Newark Oral History Project last semester, and this year she initiated her own project regarding air pollution and its impacts on people's life.