Nyssa Chow wins the 2017 Jeffrey H. Brodsky Oral History Award

In November of 2015, Jeffrey H. Brodsky, OHMA alum, announced a generous annual cash prize of $3,000 for an outstanding thesis.  The criteria for receiving the award is that the thesis must “make an important contribution to knowledge and exemplify the rigor, creativity and ethical integrity we teach our students.” 

We are proud to announce the winner: Nyssa Chow, and Ellen Coon, the runner up.  We invite you to consider the resonances between these two theses: in the recreation of the literal voices and memories of powerful women who tend to the living and the dying and all the attendant rituals in between, and who translate the stories that enliven the next generation.

OHMA Welcomes New Faculty and Teaching Fellow for 2017-18 School Year!

We are excited to welcome new faculty member Whitney Dow and teaching fellow Nyssa Chow to OHMA for the coming school year.