Four Chairs

Robin Weinberg

Conversations with women from motherhood to the empty nest

This installation is a part of Inside Voices: An Oral History Exhibition, showcasing multimedia projects and stories recorded by the 2016 cohort of Columbia University’s Oral History MA program. This event will take place at The Social Hall at Union Theological Seminary on April 27, 2017, from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m.


Welcome to the Four Chairs. Take a seat. Put on the headphones. Listen to conversations between different women, each with fascinating stories to tell. Sit for a while and get to know them. Then, switch seats and listen some more. In each chair, you'll hear stories from a different part of these women's lives. Follow their stories through life, relationships, careers, motherhood, and the empty nest. 

Robin Weinberg is a member of the OHMA cohort of 2016. She designed this project about women, mothers and empty nesters because she is both a woman and a mother, and on the entry ramp heading towards that empty nest. Outside of OHMA, she is the founder of a nonprofit called Just So You Know (, an oral history project that helps people living with cancer record their life stories. She lives in Westport, CT with her husband and three daughters. If you'd like to share your stories for the Four Chairs Project, she'd love to talk to you! Contact her at (

To learn more about the Four Chairs Project, visit Robin's Prezi and read her blog article on the exhibition. If you'd like to share your stories for the project, she'd love to talk to you! Contact her at