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The Therapeutic Uses of Narrative with Lauren Taylor

**Please note that this is a two-session course that meets on Friday, 3/4/16, 2-5pm and Saturday, 3/5/16,  2-5pm** **One ticket allows entry to both sessions**


The Therapeutic Uses of Narrative
Instructor: Lauren Taylor

This workshop will examine the convergences and divergences of oral history and psychotherapy, and explore the meaning of personal narrative in a range of clinical and non-clinical settings. Public and private themes will be considered in a sociocultural context. Participants will learn how narrative may be developed to therapeutic effect, with a focus on intersubjectivity and the use of self, in both oral history and psychotherapy. The workshop will include role play, analysis of audio and video interviews, and case presentations. Participants are encouraged to bring their own case examples for discussion. The workshop will be experiential and interactive.  Participants should be prepared to participate in narrative-based exercises. An environment of openness, with careful consideration of diverse perspectives, experiences, and practices, will support and guide the discussion. 

Part One: Contrasts and Similarities
Part One will compare the approaches and interviewing techniques of both the oral historian and the psychotherapist, will an emphasis on understanding intersubjectivity and appropriate use of self-disclosure.

Part Two: Understanding Trauma
Part Two will provide an understanding of the bio-psycho-social effects of trauma, and the development of skills for coping with vicarious traumatization during the interview process.

Objectives for participants:

  • Understand the process of co-constructing narratives.

  • Analyze narrative in the context of the life course.

  • Consider the importance of belief systems and cultural contexts for narrative work.

  • Learn how to enrich assessment and intervention using a narrative approach.

  • Understand the importance of public narrative in advocacy on a macro level.


Graduate Student Center Conference Room - 302 Philosophy Hall Columbia University, New York, NY 10027