Embodying with the Arts

Eunice Kim and Nairy AbdElShafy

An interactive space to explore the power of arts in healing and in building emotional resilience.


This installation is a part of INTER\VIEWS: an inter\active oral history exhibition, showcasing multimedia projects and stories recorded by the 2018-2019 cohort of Columbia University’s Oral History MA program. Register here!

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What is healing? How do survivors process trauma? Embodying with the Arts is an interactive exhibit inviting visitors to self-reflect on healing through various form of artistic expression. The exhibit will offer a creative space for people to explore the idea of healing and how art affects the process of healing. Featuring interview excerpts with trauma and natural disaster survivors and art pieces inspired by their stories, we encourage visitors to engage and respond in their own self-expression through words, visual arts and music.

Eunice Kim was raised and has lived in Atlanta, Georgia before coming to New York to study Oral History at Columbia. She’s currently working on a project that examines the voices of trauma survivors. After experiencing her own personal trauma, she aspires to make a difference through storytelling. She approaches oral history as a creative platform in which interviews offer time and space for interviewer and narrator to come together to share their forms of artistry.

Nairy AbdElShafy is a social activist with a passion for community service and social work. Currently a Fulbright Scholar to the OHMA program, she draws from her experience in volunteering and working with refugees through different local NGOs in Egypt and international humanitarian organizations to attempt at a documentation of identity and movement narratives for social change.