OHMA Theses

A partial list, revised Spring 2016


Brodsky, Jeff. My First Campaign.

Ching, China. When We Are Named, We Are Known.

Feinburg, Danielle. Tell Me What You Eat & I Will Tell You Who You Are: An Oral History Investigation into Culinary Identity.

Oh, Clare. "I’ve Lost My Whole Life": Narrative Crisis and Oral History Among People With Mental Illness.

Sandick, Phillip. Intersubjectivity in Photography and Oral History: Toward Ethical Creation and Production.

Scatena, Marie. A Quest for Themselves: Teenage Artists in the City.

Taylor, Lauren. All My Songs are in the Past: Older Women Look Back on Romantic Love: Nostalgia, Imagination, and Idealization.

Thurner, Lance. Walter Benjamin, Trauma and the Practice of History in New Orleans.

Tracy, Allison. I Began Marching: Reclaiming Narrative with the Voices of Women Organizing Project.

White, S. Ryan. The Anti-Globalization Movement of Oral History: A Methodological Approach to Doing Activist Oral History Interviews.


Baik, Crystal Mun-hye. The Naming Project.

Choung, Cindy (Sang Yi). Eight Million Stories: An Annotated Transcript of the Film.

Dixon, Andrea. Network Lives: Cognitive Sociograms as Present in the Oral Histories of Seven Former PEG Students.

Dziedzic, Sarah. Grant's Tomb: An Oral History at a Commemorative Landscape.

Johnson, Kimberly. The Watson Fellowship: A Comparative Study of Travel Narratives (1977 - 2008).

Journey, Rebecca. Reimagining the Agora: Greenpoint's McCarren Park Pool.

Kaplan, Anna Fortune. Through the Doorway of Higher Education: Multiple Generations Remembering the Integration of the University of Mississippi.

Kitto, Svetlana. I Am Boris.

Klemme, Ellen. Urban Memory of September 11, 2001: A Close Listening.

Lee, Cory Ann. Say It Like It Is: Agency and Empowerment in the Oral History Narrative.

McDonald, Elizabeth. Authentically Yours: An Audio History.

Reynosa, April. In Between Narratives: Examples of Hybridity in the Oral Histories of Three Mexican American Youth Living in New York City.


Cross, Becky. Our Foremothers: Constructions of Activist Identity in the Second Wave of Feminism.

Ernst, Dana. Oral History and the Nonverbal: Challenges in Fieldwork and Representation.

Loose, Sara. Groundswell: Oral History for Social Change, A Synthesis.

Montero, Marianne. How Does One Become an Educator/Activist or Activist/Educator? A Study in the Hisotry of the Founding of Educators for Social Responsibility Metro.

Morawietz, Liliana. Doing Science from Below: The Students of Montemar (1965-1985).

Polay, Lisa. The Half Life of Memory.

Pombier Berger, Nicki. Nothing About Us Without Us.

Shafer, Charis. Occupy: An Oral History Project.

Zapol, Liza. Stores of Memory: An Oral History of Multigenerational Jewish Family Businesses in the Lower East Side.


Campbell, K.O. Difference Makes It Meaningful: Oral History and the Politics of Listening.

Cohen-Fournier, Sara. Why Go to Church?: How a Vietnamese American Community in Brooklyn Congregated Around Silenced Memory of their Past Experiences of the Viet Nam-American War

Fan, Haitao. An Oral History Project of Chinese Americans: Life in Between.

La Follette, Kristen. A Glimpse through the Curtain: Monologues with American Catholic Sisters.

Lovelace, Lamar. Love: The Mix-Tape, Love Stories of African-American Gay Elders Living in New York City.

Morris, Katy. Wild Abandon: A Documentation of Wyoming Lesbians.

Schwarzkopf, Taylor. Transport Worker Union Local 100: An Oral History.

Tesfai, Senait. Playing the Game: Transition and Adaptation in the Experience of KenSAP Students.


Aboukhater, Reem. The Stories Inside the Luggage: Middle Eastern Lives in New York City, My Heritage Unraveled by Oral History.

Wolcott, Sara. Weight of Words: A Co-Constructed Narrative of Love and/in Trauma.

Brooks, Ellen. Stories of the Skin: Exploring Women's Skin through Oral History.

Chung, Sewon. Listening to Central Park North: An Oral History Mapping Project.

Fugger, Erica. Listening Deeply: An Oral History of Engaged Buddhism in the Riverside Sangha.

Geis, Shannon. Ambiguous Borders: Exploring Definitions of Community in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Laytner, Miriam. Sandylore: Folklore and Life Histories in Post-Sandy Brooklyn.

Moghadam, Kyana. A Country Between: An Iranian American Journey.

Robson, Sam. The Banishment of Carrots: A Collection of Works About Dementia.

Saephanh, Maye. A Guerilla's Journey.

Sinclair, Sara. How We Go Home: Narratives of University-Educated, Reservation-Raised Native North Americans on Returning to their Communities After School

Sydor, Elisabeth. On the Line: Stories of the New York City Carriage Business in the 1980s.


Argiro, Maggie. The Firehouse Suite.

Brave Heart, Carrie. Tuscarora Nation-Tuscarora Voices and Sounds Magazine Indian Village at the New York State Fair Tuscarora Year 2014.

Chapman, Will. The Ideal Place to Live: A Narrative of Suburban Growth in Fresno to 1980.

Corbett, Allison. Failure to Materialize: An Oral History of Puente de Fierro, a Memorial that Never Was.

Farley, Joyce-Zoë. The Fraternity: Black Brotherhood Reexamined.

Gilliam, Shelia. The Okolona College Project: A Collection of Stories.

Horton, Jacob. Narrative Process Explored through Comics and Oral History.

Moses, Janee. It Matters Whom She Loves: An Oral History of the Life and Works of Amina Baraka.

Stayner, McKenna. This Is What I Need to Start Over: Narratives of Home.

Vanderscoff, Cameron. The Relational Author: Ethics, Care, & Responsibility in Oral History.


Brenner, Kate. St. Augustine's Episcopal Church: An Anchor of the African American Community on the Lower East Side.

de la Piedra, Benji. "That Something Else": Botkin, Portelli and Ellison on Democratic Pluralism and the Dialogical Encounter."

Gibb, Helen. Healing Moral Injury: Life Histories of U.S. Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Strong, Liz. Guardians in the NYPD: An Oral History of New York City's Fraternal Organization for Black Police Officers.

JeanBaptiste, Nicole. A Long Line of Healers: Tracking the Evolution of Birthing Practices Among Women of African Descent and its Connection to the History of Traditional Midwifery in the American South.

Lee, DongKue. Vietnamese Refugee Resettlement Experience in Orange County.

Puente, Steven. Autobiographical Oral Storytelling as Eg0-Histoire.

Smith, Bill. Sarah Charlesworth, An Oral History in 40 Voices.

Wrightson, Erica. Gathered Time: Hearing Change in Jazz.

Vural, Leyla. Paying Respects.