Heesup Kimm (2018)


I earned my B.A. from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in Political Science. 

I have been searching vigorously for the opportunity that would help me develop certain skills I needed for my future projects and enable me to achieve my career goal which is to support and provide aids specific groups of individuals, especially the patients from minority backgrounds and the elderlies who have difficulties communicating with other cultures due to lack of language abilities. 

I am originally from Seoul, South Korea. And as an immigrant myself, who also has a non-native English speaking background, I've seen numerous people facing similar challenges due to their lack of local language skills. Not knowing the local language is the biggest obstacle in the way of successful expat assignments because it leads to bigger challenges like relocating family, finding appropriate housing, and organizing tax affairs, etc.

In addition to my recent research project at NYU, I have participated in a variety of volunteer services in different places including South Korea and the United States. As a volunteer, I not only found it rewarding in terms of what was achieved, but also discovered talents in myself that I had not appreciated before. 

I believe that the goals Columbia University's OHMA program pursues are no different from mine. I wish to make changes, no matter what sizes they are, that eventually sparks a big influence in our society, through new challenges and opportunities I will be experiencing in the near future.