April Reynosa (2009)

April Reynosa 2009.jpg

April Reynosa studied Sociocultural Anthropology and Human Development at Brigham Young University. As a recipient of BYU’s ORCA Research Grant and as the Child Development Coordinator for the International Rescue Committee Boston’s literacy program, April conducted ethnographic research on Somali Bantu Refugee Women’s perception of urban space. As an OHMA student and Curriculum Developer for the Mexican Education Foundation of New York, April conducted life history interviews with Mexican-American youth which culminated into a thesis entitled, "In Between Narratives: Examples of Hybrdity in the Oral Histories of Three Mexican American Youth Living in New York City." April's research explored hybridity and a possible third option of identity formation in which the individual does not feel they must choose between cultures. April recently worked as an interviewer for the Brooklyn Historical Society's oral history project, Crossing Borders Bridging Generations. She is also a Concordia University Oral History Affiliate. April is currently living in Argentina with her husband and their daughter.