Cameron Vanderscoff (2013)

Cameron Vanderscoff is the founder of Vanderscoff Oral History (VOH), a consultancy for innovative life history, institutional narrative, and qualitative research projects. Focused on public, private, and institutional partnerships, his practice emphasizes the interpersonal, project management, and analytical skills necessary to take story initiatives from idea to execution.  

VOH Clients include Columbia University, media icon Tina Brown, the University of California, and a wide range of personal, institutional, and family clients. He has recently come aboard as the Co-Director of the Columbia Center for Oral History Research’s 2017 Summer Institute and he also served as the co-chair of the 2017 Oral History & The City conference, an interdisciplinary summit in New York City co-sponsored by Columbia and Oral History in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Cameron travels frequently for work on projects large and small, and he has worked widely in the U.S. and in countries across three continents, including his ongoing work on conflict resolution and capacity building with Okinawa Memory Initiative in Okinawa, Japan. He holds an M.A. in oral history from Columbia University. When he’s home in NYC, he also writes nonfiction and plays blues shows. Please visit for more information about Cameron and VOH.