Janée A. Moses (2013)


Janée A. Moses is an oral historian and Ph.D. candidate in the department of American Culture at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Currently, she is working on her dissertation about the life and times of modern-day blues women, Amina Baraka, Nina Simone and Elaine Brown. In addition, Janée is conducting oral history interviews with women who participated in radical organizations and ascribed to 20th century iterations of black radical traditions. “‘And that's the way it was planned’: Toward a History of Post-War Black Girlhood” is an oral history project that endeavours to bridge emerging discourses of Black Girlhood studies and Black Power studies and argues that black girls born during and after World War II were impacted by social, political, and economic predicaments that necessitated the emergence of the black revolutionary woman ideal during the era of Black Power. Janée’s research interests include Gender, Women, and Sexuality studies, African American literature and culture, and social movement history.