Margaret Gooding-Silverwood (2015)

Margaret Gooding-Silverwood earned her B.A. from Tufts University with a double major in History and Political Science. She concentrated much of her work on self-definition, and civil rights, and the intersection of policy, and implementation with a focus on the American South. After graduating, she worked in campaign finance for Tim Kaine (D-VA), bar management, and media & marketing. Though seemingly unrelated, these fields had one thing in common—listening to, telling, and recording stories. In 2015 Margaret entered the Columbia University Oral History MA program. Her thesis Turning Bullshit into Fertilizer: Empowerment Narratives, Re-definition of Self, and Sense-of-Place in Agriculture in the American South is an exploration of the intersections of Southern identity, land stewardship, and memory. The thesis looks at the importance of agency over, and authorship of, one’s narrative—especially in contrast to, and in conversation with, “imposed intuitional memories”, and their effect on intergenerational memory, ritual, and the body. Margaret also worked as a videographer for Columbia University during her program, and specializes in audio and video recording, and editing—including optimizing content for digital/web publication. Margaret hopes to continue exploring the unique and interdependent worlds of audio documentary and alternative visual media.