Robin Miniter (2016)


Robin Miniter (2016) is a podcast producer at National Geographic.

While at OHMA, Robin gathered oral histories in Hot Springs, North Carolina. From this collection came works including the concept album, "God Forged in Fire & Flood: An Oral History of an Appalachian Geography," "Just Go Ahead and Lay Me Down," an audio-ethnography about folklore and funerary traditions in the Western North Carolinian Mountains, and an on-going community oral history project that is currently being archived with the Madison County Public Library (N.C.) and StoryCorps. She's chased stories from subterranean dance caves in Arkansas to the women's rugby fields of India. She continues to seek stories and spiritual geographies as she goes.

Robin is a Spring 2018 graduate of the Transom Story Workshop in Woods Hole, Ma. She's finally learning how to take care of plants, fix bikes, and find roots in Washington, D.C.