Robin Weinberg (2016)

Robin Weinberg started a nonprofit oral history project and wellness program in 2007 called Just So You Know, which gives people living with serious illness the chance to create, share, and preserve their own life stories through recorded video conversations and interviews with their family, friends, and favorite people. Just So You Know travels to hospitals and health care organizations nationwide, sets up “recording studios” and advises and helps people get their life stories told on video.  

Robin is looking forward to expanding the organization to include other populations of people with compelling stories to tell, and learning to use oral history for advocacy and education. She is particularly interested in personal narratives, but would love to interview on other topics, including civil rights, discrimination, women’s issues, and gun violence prevention.

Robin is a (recovering) attorney, specializing in employment law, with a J.D. from the New York University School of Law and a BA from the University of Pennsylvania.  A New Yorker at heart, she lives in Connecticut with her three daughters, two dogs (also girls), two guinea pigs (girls, too!) and husband.