Allison Tracy (2008)

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Allison Tracy came to OHMA from the University of Nevada where she studied Sociology and English Literature. Allison began her work in oral history in 2002 as a student worker for the University of Nevada Oral History Program (UNOHP). She returned to the UNOHP in 2007 as a research associate, conducting interviews for a project on the history of women’s athletics at the University of Nevada. Outside of her work in oral history, Allison has also served as the Community Outreach Manager and Community Relations and Development Assistant to the Committee to Aid Abused Women, as well as a Sexual Assault Victims Advocate for Sexual Assault Support Services, both of Reno, Nevada. While at Columbia, her research culminated in her masters thesis entitled "I began marching: Reclaiming Narrative with the Voices of Women Organizing Project".  

Allison returned to the UNOHP in 2009 after completing her coursework at Columbia as the program’s coordinator. During this time she helped to edit We Were All Athletes: Title IX and Women’s Athletics at the University of Nevada. She also conducted interviews for projects on the John Ben Snow Foundation and the history of art and culture-related organizations in Reno. Since April, 2012 Allison has served as the Oral Historian for the Stanford Historical Society. She is working on a three-year project to document Stanford’s history through the stories of prominent faculty members and administrators. She serves as the program’s senior oral history mentor and works with a corps of volunteers, advising on oral history methodology and best practices, research, recording technology, project design, and a variety of other oral history related issues. Allison has also been a member of the Oral History Association’s Education Committee since 2010, and has served on the Program Committee for the 2012 conference as well as the upcoming 2013 conference. She has also served on the Southwest Oral History Association’s scholarship committee since 2011.