Tomoko Kubota-Hiramoto (2017)

Tomoko Kubota is an oral historian, journalist, and Ph.D student based in Tokyo. As an oral historian, she is passionate about preserving war memories in Japan, and works closely as a consultant with the Okinawa Memories Initiative—where she collaborates with another OHMA alum—and the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. She has also been published widely as a freelance journalist, drawing on 16 years of experience as a newscaster and reporter for Tokyo Broadcasting Systems Television, the leading nationwide TV network. Currently she writes “Kubota Tomoko’s Oral History,” a regular column for Newsweek Japan that’s based on her interviews with people all across the country. She is a Ph.D. student at Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies of the University of Tokyo, where she is researching the application of oral history methodologies to family dialogues and connecting people and communities.