How can I work with OHMA students and alumni?

We now have two structures in place for pairing students with partner organizations or projects:

1. In the fall, for their oral history Fieldwork class, students can be paired with a partner organization to do three interviews and some minimal post-interview processing or editing.

2. Students can do internships, for or not for course credit, paid or unpaid, in which they work in a more extended way with a partner organization. This can involve work on any part of the oral history process, from project design and planning to curation. There must be a substantial element of training or mentoring by the host. This can happen year-round.

Similarly, our alumni can be hired for internships, full-time jobs, oral history interviews, project consultations, workshop lectures, etc.

We take applications from potential partners for both of these programs each summer. Please contact OHMA Director Amy Starecheski ( for more information.