Bud Kliment (2015)

A native of Philadelphia and a graduate of Columbia College, Bud Kliment is a Deputy Administrator of the Pulitzer Prizes, helping to organize and oversee the annual awards in journalism, books, drama, and music. He has also worked regularly as a freelance writer, specializing in music and the other performing arts.

Bud has published young adult biographies of Count Basie, Billie Holiday, and Ella Fitzgerald, along with travel guides, cookbooks, and museum labels. He wrote a radio series for BBC World Service that used Motown songs to help teach English. In a younger incarnation, he ran a record store.

Bud is very pleased to be joining the OHMA program and returning to a Columbia classroom. He hopes to learn how to use oral history techniques to record and preserve cultural and artistic activities that are essentially ephemeral and collaborative, and also how to manage oral history projects.